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Naked cats were first mentioned in antiquity. It is assumed that they first appeared at the Aztec civilization. For the first time, naked cats were shown on an exhibition in 1924. These were the Mexican Hairless cats, a breed that nowadays is considered to be extinct. In 1966, in Canada, a domestic cat gave birth to a naked kitten. Until the end of the '80s the Canadian Sphynx was oficially recognized as a unique breed. In 1987 Elena Kovaleva found a half-naked cat in the streets of Rostov-na-Donu. After a visit to the vet, the cat was found to be absolutely healthy and was named Varvaroy. This was the first Don Sphynx cat. Out of the mating with a common cat named Vasily was born a kitten named Chita. Irina Nemykina took this kitty and started a breeding programm for this new naked breed. For the first time Don Sphynx cats were shown at an exhibition in 1993, but the breed was oficially recognized only in 1998. One of the first Don Sphynx kittens to be sold was Afynogen Myth. The breeding of Peterbald cats was started in Sankt Petersburg by Olga Mironova by mating Afynogen Myth with a very classy Oriental Shorthair cat named Radma von Jagerhof. This is how the Petersburg Sphynx (the younger brother of the Don Sphynx) appeared on the world. Olga Mironova is the author and developer of this new breed. Nowadays, the Petersburg Sphynx is the youngest breed of Sphynx cats. As well as any Sphynx, the Peterbald has an exotic appearance, but its unusual grace and refinement makes him differ from the strong, dense Don Sphynx. This new breed inherited the unusual grace, the wedge-shaped head and a great variety of colours from its Siamese and Orientals relatives. Petersburg Sphynx come in a great variety of colours: black, red, tortie, and the rare lilac, cream chocolate and "pointed colours" (like at Siamese cats). The appearance of the Petersburg Sphynx is really exotic: velvet-like skin, huge ears and long toes on paws (a characteristic feature fo all Sphynx cats). But such unique slanting eyes, full of mysticism cannot be found at any other Sphynx breed. The maintenence of the Petertbald is very simple. Because they have no fur, you won't find cat hair all over the furniture and on your clothes. It is necessary to bathe your Peterbald on a regular basis. Their skin is similar to the human skin. My cats enjoy to be washed and they give their paws to be cleaned. Because their skin can easily get sunburn, they are not allowed to stay much in the sun. When somebody asks me which is the difference between Don Sphynx and Petersburg Sphynx, I answer that these two breeds differ only in exterior, in their appearance. Their character is very similar, no wonder they are called "brothers". The Sphynx is capable to fascinate anyone. It is extraordinary tender and absolutely deprived of aggression or rancour towards people or other animals. Obviously, under the influence of the mutation cardinally changing his appearance, something also happened with its mentality. Peterbald is not a cat anymore! In it there is something from a dog, from obezjanki and from humans. The Sphynx has incorporated all the best characteristics. Surprisingly as it might seem, the Petersburg Sphynx can understand words very well, so communicating with it gives huge pleasure. Usually the kittens repeat the actions of the grown-ups, so there is no need to explain them where they should grind their claws. Peeled armchairs or wallpapers are not common with Sphynx cats. Also the kittens very quickly learn how to use the litter box. They observe their mother and repeat what she does. The Petersburg Sphynx gets on perefectly with the other animals in the house (dog, rabbit or even a rat). I know cases when Sphynx played with the rabbit. Usually all adults help raising the kittens: they clean eachother, play and sleep together in a basket. When the onwer sits in an armchair, they all gather in his lap. If the Sphynx is raised as the only cat in the house, all his love and affection is focused towards the owner. But Sphynx cats are like chips - once you got one, you need to take another one and another one and... Probably therefore, the majority Petersburg Sphynx owners have at least two. At Peterbald cats the parental instinct is very well developed. Usually females which have kittens at the same time, raise the kittens together. Kittens are born strong enough and they grow and develop quickly. They open their eyes on the 2nd to 4th day from their birth. Absolutly naked kittens are more gentle than "brush". Kittens can be born in three varieties: absolutely naked (like "rubber"), velour (flock) and "brush". The "brush" variety is an unusual cat who has partialy grown bald, but covered with curly, rigid residual hairs. "Brush" cats can also participate in cat shows, but without the right of receiving titles. They often are used in the breeding program, especially in combination with absolutely naked cats.
It is important for Sphynx' owners to remember that these cats are naked, therefore during cold season they require small, warm houses in which they can sleep. Especially the kittens need to be protected from drafts. Due to the high intensity of its metabolism, the Petersburg Sphynx supports a higher body temperature (about 40-41 degrees). That allows them to adapt easily to the conditions of the environment. That's why the Petersburg Sphynx eats more than other cat breeds. Sphynx cats are omnivorous and unpretentious in meal. Everything is good what is healthy for other animals. It is reccomended that the diet should also contain raw meat. Also wounds and scratches heal a lot easier and quicklier. This is also connected to the raised metabolism. It is told that Sphynxes are hypoallergenic cats,but this is only partialy true. It is true that for most of the people who are sensitive to the cat's fur, a Peterbald cat is the best choice. But the majority of people are allergic to the cat's saliva, not to the cat's fur. However, there were many cases, when the Sphynx cats were very good tolerated by allergic people. I hope that this article will help you to learn that the Petersburg Sphynx is the best that the person in commonwealth with the nature could create. Once you get a Sphynx cat, you will never give it away !




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